Went home on Sat night with the wrong "shoe"

So the keg party was a success, though when i woke up in the morning and went downstairs, i notice i wore home 2 different shoes. The unknown shoe is a black skate shoe, as is the one i’m missing. Yeah i know… sounds funny, but what ever, I was drunk and i had fun. Anyway, If you know where my shoe is, and who the other shoe i have belongs to, PM me or give me a ring at work 624-3073, home 624-3730.


You know how many phone calls your gonna get from “The Old Lady in the Shoe”? You nutzo to leave ya #!!!

That’s all part of his master plan to get a date! :smiley:

Another shining example of the downright usefulness of HTMF. That, and the fun we have locking topics, of course.

Hope you get your shoe back Joel. Perhaps people will take photos of it at various places around town?

The keg was fucking wicked. Best party I’ve been to in a while. From the six memories I still have, it was like a big flowing mass of drunk people having a lot of stupid fun.

The wet t-shirt contest was the shit :smile:

What is it with people coming home with mismatched shoes… I had one of my shoes stolen before too…

if someone was that crazy, they could always look up my number in the phone book.

I think it would have been funnier if you came home with someone elses’ pants on. You’d have a better chance of finding a wallet in them thus identifying the owner.