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vancouversun.com/news/Gordon … story.html

Happy er, Labour Day?

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As large as BC is, it seems loaded with winners from Vancouver.


Here is a list of previous winners including our very own Pete Lester.


Sure the Campbell inclusion is a bit of a surprise especially at how quickly it happened. Former premier Bill Bennett didn’t get inducted (is that the right word) until 2007 more than 20 years after leaving office. For some reason his father didn’t get one but maybe you have to be alive when it is awarded. I didn’t read every name but former Socreds Grace MCarthy and Garde Gardom are included. Tom Berger and Rosemary Brown are NDP inductees but no Dave Barrett.

For me who grew up listening to radio, the big surprise is Jim Robson. I would have thought he would have received this award years ago.

Hmm. Doublecross the voters and get awarded, eh?
Lie about the HST.
Get elected as a Liberal and sit down as a Tory.

Maybe it’s the cream rises but so does the scum effect.

Let’s see how this plays out. It looks like he was ineligible this year.

petitiononlinecanada.com/pet … -of-bc/309

I want to know who nominated him.

Darryl Walker perhaps :wink:


Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think giving him that honor is a crock of bull pucky.

[quote=“Smurfette”]He He He, oh this should go over well here on the mainframe…

vancouversun.com/news/Gordon … story.html

Happy er, Labour Day?[/quote]

Your post makes me hungry… :smile:

petitiononlinecanada.com/pet … -of-bc/309

An online petition? Come on!
Get off yer arse and pen a letter. To a real newspaper.
Shit, nominate me so I can tell them to shove the award up their asses.

INELIGIBLE. Still sitting as Premier on the March 10 deadline.
And what about #2? He ran Canfor and the workers hated his guts. Even paid for a big sign here when Canfor baled out telling them ‘Goodbye Canfor, don’t let the door hit you in the ass’. Emerson didn’t even have the decency to take his seat as elected and then cross the floor, matter of fact he did the deal he said was no good when he ran. Scumbag.
The Award is a joke, the awarding committee is a joke and I hope decent recipients send their awards back in protest.

I don’t know how outraged people are and whether the outrage actually makes a difference. The problem is not that he received the award; the problem is the timing and here I am not referring to the technicality that he may not have been eligible.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bill Bennett was honoured in 2007 more than 20 years after leaving office and about 10 years after the insider trading scandal.

How we felt about Bennett in 1975 when he defeated the NDP (I am speaking here as an NDP supporter) or 1983 during Operation Solidarity, or 1986 when he left office are going to be tempered somewhat by 2007. Emotions are not going to run all that high and I imagine if they had waited five or ten years to honour Campbell, the anger would not be so palpable.

It was stupid of the committee to give him the award at this time. It is especially interesting that John Furlong and the Liberal speaker of the Legislature are members of the committee, two people who are far too close to Campbell to be unbiased.

Making such a controversial appointment at this time also diminishes the other deserving people who received the award.

Can you imagine the outrage if an NDP biased committee had selected Dave Barrett in 1975. Now why he hasn’t been selected since remains to me a mystery. He received the order of Canada in 2005.

[quote=“Smurfette”]He He He, oh this should go over well here on the mainframe…

vancouversun.com/news/Gordon … story.html

Happy er, Labour Day?[/quote]

Seems we aren’t the only ones:

cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c … ml?cmp=rss


Campbell qualified for Order: Dix ~ News1130

news1130.com/news/local/arti … -order-dix

Campbell qualified for Order: Dix ~ News1130

news1130.com/news/local/arti … -order-dix[/quote]

LOL, looks like someone was left off the mandatory “lets all shake our fist in anger” memo chain.

You get the full quote here.

vancouversun.com/news/Gordon … story.html

I think Dix was trying really hard (maybe too hard) to be diplomatic. It’s a lose-lose for him if he came across as “making it personal”.

But it is far too soon. I don’t know all sports but you have to be out of baseball five years and hockey three years before nomination to the hall of fame.

What I did like about Dix’s comment was this.

Trevor Linden received the award a few years ago. If it were just based on his hockey career (which was still pretty good) I would question it, but from what I have heard and read he has done a massive amount of volunteer work through his various charitable organizations and it is that kind of contribution that deserves recognition. Politicians like hockey players and other celebrities gain public recognition. But they are just doing the job they are paid to do. Maybe they are pretty good at being politicians but we don’t award the honour to people who are pretty good doctors, lawyers, salesmen or store clerks.

Maybe premiers are a cut above the ordinary MLA (and regular guy), but I still think a period of time is required before we bestow awards on them.

And I certainly think a lifetime of volunteer work for the community (there are several in Rupert that would qualify) should also be recognized.

Pete Lester for one.

I loved Pete’s response when told the PAC was to be named after him.

He said people should not get things named after them while they are alive.

Then he dies.

That Pete, what a sense of timing.