We'll need piles of cash to rebuild the pilings

“On a cash-flow basis, it is not a problem, we can get the work done. But on a budgetary level, we don’t want to see taxpayers bear more of the burden of this than what we budgeted for.” – Mayor Herb Pond providing his take on the cost of ferry dock repairs for the Alaska Marine Highway.

Yet another financial surprise for the financially strapped North coast, as the state of dis-repair to the transportation link to Alaska is expected to be somewhere around the million dollar range, a fair amount above the 300,000 that the city had previously budgeted for the project.

It’s an amount that makes the cost of repairs for the Alaska Marine Highway Dock at Fairview a tad higher than perhaps the City of Prince Rupert first anticipated. And with that surprise coming ashore, the city is looking towards Victoria for a bit of assistance in footing the bill for the much needed repairs.

Suggesting that the city has been carrying a greater burden for providing tourism facilities for the Northern Gateway, Pond is seeking a sharing of that burden from the provincial government…

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