We'll be right back after this short commercial message Noveber 17

We’ll be right back after this short commercial message Noveber 17

**Note due to internet problems on Friday night, there was no Advertising Festival item for Friday night November 16…

It’s all in how you celebrate!

A smacking good time, a smacking new trend

( excerpt from atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com ) – Click the link to see the original post.

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Your creeping your way to telemarketer status man…No one wants that …unless your making a mint…but lets face it…your not…you wanna post something?  Post it…dont be linking shit up to your PODUNKsite…I guess I could just choose no to respond…answer whatever…
Just thougth I would ride you a bit …and link you to a telemarketer…who can even pronouunce my name correctly…thats what really irks me,
Ayhow keep up the sales

Hey stumblefart… I was invited onto this board by the fine genial host of our little gab fest.

The links merely take you to a long running blog that some in the community tend to wander to from time to time, you may notice if you take the time that there are ney any “advertisements” on the site, the link in this case is to a film festival of sorts about commercials, it’s uh, how shall I put this in a way you possibly could comprehend kind of like satire… it’s a form of levity, entertainment, something not to be taken seriously! Hmmm, kind of like the bulk of your posts, come to think of it…

So if you have complaints about what you see, then a) address them to him or b) don’t click on the link, should be simple enough for even you to manage.

Try reading a bit of the history as to why the link is here, before once again regaling the world with you ability to click first and think later…

By the way you’re at what     -2 on the ole karma list.  how long this time before you stamp your feet and go back to your room?

Anyways, click or don’t click, it’s all up to you, you mcsash have the power, perhaps truly for the first time in all your days eh!!! 

I’ve got to remember that!  Maybe I’ll write a poem about it.  :smiley:

You didn’t have to answer him, Podunkian.  You’re the moderator on this board, you could have just deleted his post :wink:

Mcsash, take a look at the name of this particular board.

Hell if I had time to do just what I wanted, I’d run a blog like Podunkian. Hell, I’d even copy the name idea
only nuthin’ ever happens here. That’s why 9/10s of the local rag is about the Grade 9 girls intramural volleyball league

Well if nothing ever happens there then you wouldn’t need much time to run it would you?..lol

No need to justify your rants podunkaroo…Just because the “genial host” invites you to the little birthday party doesnt mean all the other kids will still have a good time.
I have been tp your blog on occasion…kind of like when the Snews was on line.  Some good things there.

Keep up the good work on your blog…