I was reading the news on the cbc website and came across this story.

vancouver.cbc.ca/regional/servle … ng20050621

now what got my attention was these comments…

“I see their point, but at the same time, we are all looking for bargains,” Liv Puppin told the hearing.

Myrtle Knull who lives a few blocks away says she’s tired of travelling to another city for discount shopping.

“I’m 81-and-a-half, and I don’t like to take that many buses if I don’t have to.”

What is wrong with people? honestly why would you travel an hour and a half to go to walmart to save a few dollars?

Does nobody care about service and quality and supporting local business anymore? while I admit to buying hte odd cheap junk thing at walmart I would prefer to buy it elsewhere.

Personally i prefer the environment of a small store where you get actual service and the owner actually takes time to help you find what you are looking for. Not to mention I would rather support a company that provides decent jobs for people with families than some mega corporation that will close its stores if the people try to better their lives…

This turned into more of a rant than i wanted it to but here is my question.

what happened to the days where people cared about their community and cared about other people?

it seems everyone is out there to get deals on anything at the cost of quality. It’s no wonder there are hardly any decent jobs out there anymore nobody can afford to compete with the big box stores and still pay decent wages.