Welfare Cheques?

Does anyone out there know if this is true that the whole of Rupert in receipt of SA cheques except for those with direct deposit are out of luck as the airlines made the “heartfelt” decision to leave them off the plane!@@!!@!@ They may not have them here until after X-Mas… What are the families going to do? I know that the hamper program with Sally Ann is in progress but what the hell, was the plane too overloaded to spare room for a government certified envelope??? I feel sorry for those affected…makes me realize how lucky I am not to be at that beckon call part of our government!!!

Just for the record: “Beck and call”


:unamused: money for nothing and chicks for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

goes to show you that you shouldnt depend on others to get by in life.

Chicks who are 15 and pregnant?

your an ass, there are people also who have disabilities who didnt get there check, who have  nobody to count on. man you dont get it do you.

Curious to know if Roopert has developed like Prince George.
Lots of banks won’t cash your welfare cheque if you don’t have an account there. So places have sprung up all over to “help” the unfortunate.
Never seen so many Payday Loan and MoneyMarts in one city as in PG. Preying on the poor has become a growth industry.

We have two of those “financial institutions” in town, one just down the road from the Bank of Montreal, the other about a block away from the Salvation Army thrift store.

Not sure if its a policy of the banks here to not cash welfare cheques without an account, but the cheque cashing places have been around for a couple of years, so I’m thinking that their business is good. Though they seem to have a problem keeping staff, seems like every couple of months they’re looking for clerks and such.

On a different path, but along the same lines. The line up for the Salvation Army hampers yesterday looked like something out of the Depression, when I drove down Second Avenue it had stretched down the block from Traylings and up around Subway. Four hours later there was still a lineup almost as far as Subway and that in the middle of a monsoon.

Seems that perhaps the politicians might like to take note, there’s obviously some problems in town if that many people need to line up for assistance. This town needs to take a hard look at how things are working around here, cause that was one heart wrenching scene yesterday.

While I’m not sure that there’s much that the current city administration can do about the issue, they could start knocking some heads down in Victoria, cause things seem broken around here and no one seems inclined to change them. Â


Disabilitie of what ? not wanting to work  or to god dam lazy ?

Welfair inrupert is WAY to ablused.  Kids on the bus bragging about there welfair cheque andhow they are going to go cash itand buy booze. ITS so nice to see where my hard earned money goes to so punk ass fuck to get drunk and not have to work at all, must be nice i tell ya.

Ok dumbass,
disabilities can be anyone who can not work  due to an accident (physical damage done to ones body that makes working unbearable, to painful) or a person may have been born with a developmental disability, or acquired developmental disability do to an accident) in either case these people have every right to collect gain or a disability check.
To gain access to a disability check, you need to prove that you are entitled to it. This process is quite long there is a book that 3 different people need to fill out, One part is from a Doctor, the second part is from someone in the community who will do a questioner regarding the disability, if the person has one or not whether it is physical or developmental, the Third part is filled out by the local Social worker.

Now 75 % of the people I have helped were eligible to be on Disabilities.

If you think you can walk off the street and get a check then you are sadly mistaken there have been a lot of changes to the Ministry of Children and Family or CLBC and to Ministry Employment & Income Assistance.
I have seen a lot of people in our community loose there benefits, due to the fact they can work, most of those people are working, and some moved to different towns. 

You seemed to forget that there are many types of people who are on gain, some need it some don’t.

Good post, disability payments are a differnt story than a welfare cheque.  If they were working for the money I’d feel differently about it. 

If I wasnt working/paying for a service I wouldnt bitch if it wasnt delivered on time. Yes it sucks for the people who were expecting it but thats life.

Nice Christmas spirit going on in this thread. Like it or not a lot of FAMILIES depend on those cheques. “Oh but I heard something on the bus…” “Oh but I know a guy who knows a guy.” Pull your heads out of your spoiled asses and consider that most people are not scamming the Government and suffer greatly when the cheques don’t come in.


Those families should have saved some money to move and get a job before they got in that situation.  Even if you’re uneducated/mentally slow there is work for you in alberta. It’s not good work but its work and a hell of a lot better than depending on welfare. Why the hell are they using cheques anyway?  direct deposit anyone.

that’s good… priceless in fact…

I won’t refer to anyone as “dumb-ass” but just for the record, I am in receipt of a disability cheque and I also work part-time as I am able and I do my damndest to hold my head high in this town knowing that I am pulling my own weight as much as I physically can and yes, unfortunately there are many people on the system who are scamming and make the rest of us look “bad” to the general public. I find myself in the position of having to defend myself Re’ Receipt of a disability cheque and it hurts sometimes so please don’t be so quick to judge. We are not all out there trying to grab what we can for nothing and those that are have to look at themselves every day.  And to the peson who suggested that we save money for the possibility our cheques might be late, already done, as I am as responsible as most of the rest of you out there.  As far as the Salvation Army line-ups around the block, there is always talk about the hampers being a freebie for anyone so as always there is abuse of every system, even the church!  The town has been hit hard but lets try not to pass judgement on everyone, there is good and bad in everyone and to generalize that we are all painted with the same brush is wrong and demeaning to some of us who would like to walk amongst the “working class” with some degree of dignity! Sermon over!!

Before you go dumping on the poor people that are collecting welfare look around you. When you see a teenager driving around Rupert with a $30,000 car, chances are that it was bought and paid for with your tax money.
And when you see a bunch of Government employees having  one of their endless meetings over lunch at the Crest who do you think is paying for that. Because it’s not really nessasary to be all that productive if you’re on the government payroll, is it?
The welfare people are the most disadvantaged. Yet you better believe that much more of your tax money is wasted and hoarded by the few than is wasted on the welfare recipients that are just trying to get through the month.

I can’t believe this isn’t in the wasteland yet!

I know I was harsh to Jesus and Jleaman, I know that they are not dumbass’s and in fact are smart people, I know Jleaman personally, and I know Jesus has very strong belief system that I can say I don’t see eye to eye with, But really I don’t think this thread should be put into the wasteland yet.
I think Jesus and Jleaman now that not everyone that is collecting gain is scamming the government. There are people that for what ever reason have a right to collect it. 

With that note Marry Christmas to all.
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I dont really have a belief system, I go with my gut. Things happen all the time to change my mind so its easier than believing in something.

obscure movie quote:

dont have beliefs have ideas, you can change an idea.

merry rhum and eggnog day everyone

And to you, jesus:-)  Cheers! :smiley:

I disagree with what you have to say. Some people have no  choice but to go on Social Assitance (welfare). I am 46 years old and have worked since I was 17 and I have qualified for a disability raiting.
Twelve years ago I became sick and required a bone marrow transplant. Things have not gone that well since. I have had a problem with Graft vs Host Disease as well as kidney failure. I usually end up in the hospital at least once a month. My nefrologist (kidney specialist) says I will be on dyalasis within a year. I have used up my savings as well as other options I had and was forced to turn to Social Assistance. I no longer recieve a cheque from but they do pay for my flights to Vancouver once a month as I still have many specialist to see. It’s not like I haven’t wanted to work, it’s just that I can’t. Please don’t judge all people the same. I feel embarraced when I tell people I collected welfare, I would much rather be working. And by the way, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.