Welcome to the post-a-thon!

Welcome to the HTMF post-a-thon.

For the next hour, just post as often as you’d like.  Use HTMF like a chat line.  Try to reply to posts, but feel free to start new topics too!

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Very cute.  I hear Pablo is very tasty.  Tastes like fish.

I got online only to get a 404 message when I first came in…nice to see that didn’t last long!


What do you guys think of all these people coming out to post in the municipal politics threads?

I dunno, I stopped reading those posts ages ago…  I guess I should be more interested, but there’s just too much name calling.

Took the site offline to reset the statistics thing.

I honestly didn’t follow everything since I don’t vote there but some people should be careful in the way they mention people since they are responsible for their own posts.

I think it’s fantastic.

HTMF and ThePodunkian’s blog have just about replaced newspapers for me.

I love this, democracy in action!

Well now there’s actual posts from some of the people involved.  Very awesome.

It’s nice to see what people are actually thinking, but will something be done about it? Or is it just all talk?

The post-a-thon seems to be picking up steam.

In the time it took me to type up my last post, it gave me the “3 new posts while you were typing” warning.

So after posting, I clicked reply to immediately make this post and got a “2 new posts while you were reading” warning.

Is there any way that those can be disabled?

Well, for starters it spurred the newspapers to actually print some of the stuff they wouldn’t print before.

Im very eager too hear from other who are involved, also I’m wondering if HTMF is going to have a direct impact on the voters…

I hope it does directly impact the voters, It’s about time we had a change.

I’ll probably read it when it cools down a bit.  I don’t want to get wrapped up in it.  I find it hard to read that stuff when I know some of the politicians personally, but know anything about their business.  I want to defend them, when I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Being a skeptic, I don’t know if it’s going to help much come election time. I’ve seen one too many sad-ass city councils to ever accept that people will do the right thing once they get elected…

Well, it has changed something.  I mean neither paper would even touch this story for months.  She posts it on here, and they’re tripping over themselves to try and get on the story.

It’s not “business as usual” anyway.

Wilf Rimmer left a great read on Questions concerning City Manager and his wife.
I think if this stays here and people keep coming forth, we will have  new representation in city hall this November…