Weekly distributor needed

I publish an weekly entertainment publication in Prince George and want to start making it available in Rupert too. The publication is designed to read in waiting areas, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. It’s full of humour, facts and fun. I need someone very reliable who will pick up the copies at Greyhound on Wednesday mornings, and drop them off at three or four locations. I can’t pay much, but will look at doing advertisng in exchange for this service. For a sample of the publication, email nspp@shaw.ca.

I hope to hear from you soon…


Is this that Ritchie product everyone keeps mentioning? Don’t think it will be well received here.

It’s worth a try… I emailed to request a sample…

No, it has nothing to do with a Ritchie product. It’s a small and very entertaining publication. I’ve sent the sample that was requested.


You might not want to limit yourself to Prince George and Prince Rupert. Lots of people in between as well.

I’d love to get to all the spots in between, but for now I have very limited resources so I need to allocate them carefully. Before I forget, thank you to everyone for giving this some consideration.


Interesting, will you be providing advertising for Prince Rupert area stores/businesses or will all the advertising remain Prince George based?

Thanks for asking. We accept advertising from anywhere, as long as it is for a legal and ethical business or service. While we would love to have advertising to help attract people to Prince Rupert, we do not want to take advertising away from local publications who are probably having a tough enough go of it.