Prepare for some great weather up here in the Northwest coast.  :sunglasses:

Watching the weather network this morning, we have some sun coming starting tomorrow and all the way past August 7th.  :sunglasses:

But I pity some parts of BC which are gonna be hit really bad with some heat.  Including Terrace. 

great time to get it while im doing renos lol

It’s supposed to get up around 35 around this part of the Island this week…I love the heat so am saying, “BRING IT ON!!!”


And this part of the country which is normally sunny is having rain like Prince Rupert!  I can’t enjoy my new pool much :frowning:

Vancouver was supposed to be having another night of fireworks tonight in their ‘Celebration of Light’ only Mother Nature stepped in and they are getting lightning and thunder instead…we’re sitting at the outside edge of it over here and my boy dog is facing east and growling back at the echo of thunder.  :smiley:

Well the warmer weather and that bright thing in the sky will be a welcome addition to the routine for the next little while up here, was getting very weary of the constant grey and wet :sunglasses:

Ouch!  You ppl in Terrace ok?  The HEAT IS NUTS!

Right now the thermometer on my front deck is sitting at an even 100 degrees F, even the dogs and cats look kind of melty…have to say I’m sure glad the place I work has A/C, people walk in the door and start smiling!


It’s actually cooler than yesterday and thank God we have a breeze…Have to go to Terrace on Thursday, anyone know how bad the heat is up that way  ?  My thermometer on my greenhouse only reading 20, not so bad  :smiley:

Good Ol Salty Sweat just can not get enough.

Here at our place in Jackpine Flats (just south of Terrace) we hit 40.3 in the shade around 6pm today.  The Terrace airport showed 35.6 at the same time - we are always a few degrees warmer during the day in the summer and a few degrees colder at night as well …
And in the basement it is only 19 degrees - guess where I’m hanging out …

OMG!  That’s pretty hot there JJR.  Today is supposed to a bit higher in the Terrace area.  Calling for at least 36 at the airport.  So at the Flats, I say u will hit maybe just under 42.

I am heading up to Terrace tomorrow for the night. I was up there a few weeks ago when the weather was averaging 30*C every day and that was HOT! Looks like I well be spending most of my time at the lake.

Oh no. almost 40 at the airport in terrace, that’s where I’ll be all weekend. ACK.

Oh well. Hopefully it will cool off at night.


And today we topped out at 41.6 here in Jackpine Flats … oh well I get to see what life is like in our guest suite in the basement where it is a balmy 21 degrees.

We hit 41 on the humidex scale. First time I’ve noticed the air looking like thick syrup, could not really even make out the mainland when we were driving into Nanaimo. Between a swim and then some time in Woodgrove mall doing some shopping, it was a pretty good day but watching all the road crews out working in the broiling sun was a little wince inducing to say the least.

I’m in Vancouver and yesterday they broke the record for the hottest day they ever had in recorded history.