Weather 'n' stuff

Anyone else hear the big bang? Was reported around Hays Vale. I see the only channel available on cable is the Weather Channel. Transformer?

The power flickered here for a second.

TV’s back.

I was very surprised that we kept our satellite signal all through the snow this a.m.

Edit:  added later.  Ha-ha, I take that back, just checked our signal, we’ve got nothing.

I hope that we can watch the Hockey Game with Canada vs Chec.

some channels are still off grrrrrrrrrrrr

The snow on my dish melted, channels are back:-)

LOL, where man is too lazy to leave the counch to sweep snow off his dish, nature shall do as ye wish  :smiley:

Ya gotta love nature…LOL.  I prefer the term introspective to lazy.  Hmmmm…I’m not sure what a counch is. :smiley:

I live here is HaysVale… no one has come knocking on my door to get out… so i guess everything is ok here…

LOL, mu guess is that english marks are hard to come by in your classes :astonished:

I’m just messing with you…all in good fun. :smile:

Well of course I realize this, I’m not near as sensitive as you might thunk…

spellin mistake on purpose by the way :imp:

So does anyone know anything about this incident?  I’m a bit curious. :smile:

Sounds like at this point the big bang is just a theory.

Actually M-theory suggests that it wasn’t a big bang, but a collision of dimensions.