We were all once care takers of the earth

there are two sides to this WAR. One side has no spiritual value in things, no understanding of the cycle of life. Therefor can sell, rape and steal the land without remorse, breaking every treaty in its path. The other side has nothing to do with blood or nationality. We all lived as ONE with the EARTH before our culture’s got brainwashed into the new system. This system protects itself and makes us turn against each other. Divide and Conquer is the WAY of it. Racism, MY country, religion, the have’s and the have-not’s. The tyrants have a way of making the victims look like terrorists and the villains become the hero’s.

When was this? Nobody even knew it was a finite ecosystem until the late 1950s.

And the world was flat :laughing:

It’s funny how a system that doesn’t know that fact will try to extinguish it to survive…It’s like we can bring fear to life…Then we become the borg…

Have another toke.

thank you, I will do that right now.- Puffs off the bong :blush: and blows :open_mouth: out the stress :laughing:

If you transcend reality then what’s next??? :smiling_imp:

Resistance is futile. Go home and consume like a good drone…

:smile: The matrix, The borg, The fashion, The acceptable behavior, no passion…flesh no longer gets the lashin.

Inside, screeaming and crying trying to get out of the box…Thought I grew up enough for some interesting talks and like a child I still walk through this strait and narrow rode…

Sitting here in my abode…playing with words that are for the birds…Meannings change to fit the times so make them flow with riddle and rhyms. Tales are told and people are sold, the lie is obvious and bold yet hard to see when it’s so damn old. Why do I say what I say, AM I crazy today???Well my mind is hard for me to find and my knowledge has me in a bind so I Spill my thoughts and let it unwind like a puzzle with so many pieces to find…take a BREATH

Living as One with the earth to me means The land is sacred. Before the Witch burnings, or the Native concentration camps, or relocation programs, when a culture as a whole embraces the land as one with themselves. Not as a belief or a religion but an energetic fact. That kind of knowing would make one fight to the end to protect the mother, the LAND. To unfairly take the gifts from the people the system had to force that knowing out of everyone to make it alright to destroy ones Garden of life, the LAND…I’m not saying that all people don’t still feel for the earth, but today the madness owns the VOTE. Still devouring as much of this beautiful ball of EARTH as it can. Not just one country or people but the greedy ones that lost their way. The goods are way unbalanced, leaving poverty and starvation to add to someones elses power…The country may always change that owns the most but there is always a top dog some time in time. Therefor someone to blame for opening up new lands for the system to devour and destroy, but hay we know better now right??? :smiling_imp: :imp: :open_mouth: :smile: :astonished: :smiley: :laughing:

[quote=“words”]thank you, I will do that right now.- Puffs off the bong :blush: and blows :open_mouth: out the stress :laughing:

If you transcend reality then what’s next??? :smiling_imp: [/quote]

Haha Rationality actually. But yeah, it’s interpretive. I think beyond rationality there’s discovery.

I was always taught that beyond rationality was reality.

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream…

Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a DREAM…

Beyond rationality there is politics. BC style…

Marijuana has become the religion of the masses
religion the opium of asses.
Wealth the creator of classes, tv the maintainer of stasis.

-Ivor Biggun
Canada Arts Council
Official Poet Lariat, 100 Mile Horse

I like that rhyme herb, it makes some good points. I’m not religious anymore or at least not Christian or any other devil-god good-evil beliefs. I guess my church does seem kind of green now a days. Well, I’m working on clenliness and soon my tabernackle will hopefully be pure white hot thought. With nothing to stain my windows of perception I would be a force of raw power strait from the divine :bulb: Nothing to distract me from what is mine…

this is the first thread that has ever made me think…

All i can say is reality continues to ruin my life.

My question is, what life do I have to ruin and how do I know if it is ruined? 8)

that question would be on par with querying the purpose of existance. i would have to say the answer is subjective and constantly changing. best you can do is approximate, but only the person asking that question can really answer it.

The porpoise of life is Flipper!