WE NEED A HOME TO RENT! Can anyone please help?

Hello, we are a quiet and very respectful working couple looking for a nice home to rent as we are relocating from Mackenzie. Is anyone able to help, I have searched all over and can’t find anything! Thank you so much…

Call Judy @ Tinker Realty 250 624 4331 M-F 1000-1200 or 1400-1600

what size of a unit are you looking for?

Thanks for that contact, we would like at least a 2 bedroom house something with a bit of a yard as we have a yellow lab as well so it must be pet friendly

Did you check out the 2 bedroom house/apt. that is posted on here today? A real beauty and with heat included, truly a great deal and so pretty !!

Yes I contacted her but sadly dogs are not permitted. Thank u though

Still lookin :smile:

Macro properties might have some pet friendly places???

Thank you but we’ve tried there as well

Is the pet the issue?? There have to be rentals?