We miss a memo or something?

So anyone notice anything unusual about the Acklands sign down on George Hills Way?
(Didn’t have my camera with otherwise I would have snapped a photo, so if someone is down that way, snap away)

Just wondering if perhaps these laws from back east have been made compulsory in BC?

cbc.ca/news/canada/story/200 … l-101.html

Maybe it’s all part of Jack Layton’s 50 plus 1 plans?

Is it a bilingual sign on a federal government building or something?

LOL, nope it’s unilingual signe du français on an Industrial supply company, says something like Industriel, Securite, etc…

If I remember I’ll try to take a snapshot of it.

I guess on the side de Plus pour Acklands Grainger, the actual company name is easily transferable.

My guess is that they got sent the wrong sign, then again, perhaps Jack has more pull than we think!