We Don't Burn Crosses BUT

ignurnce is as abundant as pine beetles.
Once again Prince George makes the big-time news. Last week it was for 1 in 20 babies born addicted, this week:

I’m so thrilled Airport Security is looking out for our safety. I mean they haven’t and aren’t ever gonna find a terrorist or hijacker in the Prince bloody-George Airport, so some people might think this is at least trying to work in their make-work little jobs.

[quote]The airport security guard had asked for a wipe down because he said he knew people in the group had “diseases,” Paul said.

“He [the security guard] said that he had recognized one of the members or one of my group from [Prince George] downtown. He said he knew this person has diseases and that he was trying to keep the staff and people safe in the aircraft,” she said.[/quote]

Someone should phone and find out if the guy is still working. And if so, why?

FYI the Captain told him to fuck off and they left on schedule.

Jesus posting something about how AIDS is how “God handles fags” in 3… 2… 1…

Sorry to disappoint you Eso.  God would never blame/punish someone for not being able to put up with a womans irrational bullshit. 

In fact I think women are gods punishment for straight men.

Hey we aren’t ALL horrible evil bitches.
Just the majority, who in turn, ruin it for the few.

So I’m told. I’ll reserve judgment for now.  Though I have yet to meet a sane logical woman. I do have a few female friends but they too have their moments of sheer insanity.

You and I will agree to disagree on this one, my friend.  I have many female friends; I like women a lot. :smile:

Perhaps this is because we mostly make friends with the people who are most like us.

My male  friends are sane and logical… I dont understand your comparison?

Women think differently then men, we are more emotional usually.
Even though I grew up with men I certianly don’t think like them.

But some women are just TOO emotional and irrational.
I’ve met more then my share of men who have been hurt by stupid women. It really frustrates me actually, because I have to deal with the bitterness and the walls and everything like that because of what the first chick did.

I’m with you on the disliking women and thinking they’re all crazy, but we aren’t all like that.

No, I guess you don’t.

I dont dislike women I actually quite enjoy them.  I just think they’re crazy. 

To completely wear your emotions on your sleeve and let them guide every minute of your life makes you seem somewhat… bi -polar.

I was basically married for 5 years and in that time I decided it was in my best interest to only keep women around for short periods of time in order to avoid stress/drama.

My plan has worked out perfectly, I have never been happier  :sunglasses:


Or had more cash flow.

So deal with all the walls and bitterness.
For a week.
Then go nail everything between 18 and 50. Anyone says dick, you blame HER for making you like that.

No one tell you the “rules”?

What makes you think thats not what I’m doing? :wink:  Only my age range is 23-33.

You’re missing all the cougars… :smiley:

I’m only 26, 33 is a cougar to me :wink:  though i’d make an exception to my rule for marissa tomei

Way back in the 80s, I had our entire downtown Vancouver office convinced you could get AIDS if a gay guy farted while you were trapped in an elevator with him…
I should e-mail YXS and warn them!!!

Further to your original post in this thread I read in the daily snooze last night that the security guard at the center of this scandal has resigned.  An investigation deemed his actions inappropriate.