Watson Island - update please!

Are there plans in motion that may finally see some kind of forward momentum for the development of land on Watson Island? Asked the Northern View?

Private Council Sessions ?
A New Legacy Corp formed with the land leased from the City (with no terms public).?
Hyundai, Husky, another LNG, a chinese manufacturing facility?

What gives? Now that the City’s poster LNG play Exxon has left Town - why is the biggest potential tax revenue sooo soo secretive…


I love this quote
Prince Rupert Legacy Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the city, took on additional costs of decommissioning activities “so as not to burden taxpayers.

First I thought the decommissioning of the Pulp Mill was supposed to be revenue neutral, paid for the materials sold from the decommissioning, second since the Legacy fund is City owned, using it’s money is using taxpayers money so it is a burden to taxpayers

And in this story they say how it will impact the taxpayers:


And, in case some don’t read far enough:

Ergo, burden to taxpayer, as you implied.