Watson Island Poetry

Um how do I find words that rhyme with mill
what words go with crook
something must go with council
what rhymes with lies
never mind

Rupert’s mill was not in Nantucket,
But due to many idiots, the mill kicked the bucket.
Belsey promised it was not forgotten,
Pond spent taxes not even gotten,
But everyone else thought they had @#%$& it.

Did I get the syllables right?

In the 70’s and 80’s the pulp mill and fishing had us rolling in cash
now we have dreams of potash
so many things never came to fruition
but im gonna stick with my intuition
I say Rupert will once again thrive, and we will walk around with heads held high because we have panache!

oh what a wonderful day it will be when our beloved pulp mill
will be given to its new ownerand the city can get back to
what its supposed to do look after the roads the sewers and of
course the key thing the recreation dept with out that we would
all go nutty.prince Rupert our time has come.

Poetry you have no sense of
Groundless rumours you have some
Citywork must be your curve
Perhaps you’re related to Michael Curnes

Hmm, maybe all htmf entries should be done in rhyme from now on, now wouldn’t that confuse all thou who compalinist most. :smiley:


must be smoking too much weed.
Big double facepalm

i love you folks tooooooooo

If Prince Rupert sells Pulp Mill
Then who gets to own it? Me or you or
A bunch of digi-poets?

the mill went through hell with guys like bill bell
and now that is old will never be sold
if sunwave behaved maybe we’ve paved
a road to nowhere thats leading to hell