Watson Island Poetry

I like it. It’s sort of Joyceian.

We should have a Watson Island thread where the only posts allowed are Haikus.  Who’s with me?

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Watson Island pulp mill sold
Dan Veniez returned to finish the job
Prince Rupert is now doomed

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I think they should make it into a giant soccer field and Mig can run and run and run all he wants.

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                                    West Coast Amusements So Good
                                Where does one put carnies in the winter
                                    Watson Island would be good
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come on folks we are are the road to goldville we are the city
they call a diamond in the rough,in a few years we will look just
like hong Kong theres going to be so much money in our town
we wont know were we are.

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Click our heels and we’ll be there?
Daft ideals that are declared
As though in Oz we all shall share?

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LOL!!!  :-D

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To be like “goldville”,
Rupert must be a part of China.
Hong Kong shall we be…

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Only if he shouts “GOAAAAAAAAAAL!” while he does it.

And no celebrating by biting another fellow team mates privates.

How did we get to this point in the thread?

Because I do not want to see the following on Watson Island!


        I wish my day was that cool
He only plays drinking games with his friends
        He is an old stupid fool

OK I really hate to be a nit-picking prick here, but Basho would be ashamed of the loose composition of these haikus.  Let’s keep it to the old five/seven/five syllable-per-line please. 

Just joking.  I think this thread is hilarious!

Pulp mill finally sold.
Now the city won’t be broke.
It still rains too much.

Blame it on Miller
or Belsey, Veniez, Pond
But get rid of it.

Rupert is hurting
Everybody is depressed
Except for Ajaye

We once had a pulp mill and it seemed that everyone felt at ease
It then went down one day and we were promised this and that
Then in came the politicians everyone trying to be the fat cat
First came Miller walking about town in all his glory
Promising this and promising that, just telling everyone stories
Then along came Belsey in his Liberal way, red sweater and red hair
He heard our cries for support it seemed but Gordo in Victoria did not care
Along came the Henchman Veniez was his name,took us to the cleaners
Years went on till Rupert got leaner and Veniez got meaner
Then one day a Pond was discovered, he was here to save the day
Little did we know after he finished with his Chinese we would all have to pay
Now here is Jacko and what will he bring, his action or auction puts us on the spot
Just pay all his taxes and watch it all rot

Once on the Island of Watson
covered in political flotsam
came a possible deal
that made everyone squeal
and they all ran home with the trots, um.

There once was a mill in Port Ed,
For years it’s really been dead,
Sell it for a buck,
And change all our luck,
Turn it into a WALMART instead  :smiley: