Water colour

Has anyone noticed a change in the water colour in there bath in the last little while ???

I thought it was just because my house is so old I and it is not just the color it’s the smell, it has a strong chlorine smell to it.

lol  I called the city and they say its probably a little muskeg in the water because its been raining so much. They said to check back and that I was the only one seeing it so far.

So I guess I should give them a call that way they don’t think it is something in your morning coffee lol,I should make it clear to them that there is nothing in mine either.

S.O.B.!!!..I thought my hot water tank was pooching!!!
So its the water eh?..I live in the pineridge area.

shhh dont tell anyone where u live the neigbhors r trying to sell their houses

doing laundry ,y husband found bleach stains on bottom of his pants and we dont  have bleach at home at the moment either

The water here always TASTES fine, but it sure comes in a wide range of colours for sure!!

AHHHH got ya Paris…I mean smurfette…I wish my neighbours were selling their houses!!!
Any for sale down in your trailer park?..

sure there r lots but i dont see the strata council letting u in

I keep getting bleach stains in my clothes too. And they’re in the loads I don’t use bleach in.  :confused:

AHHH…I guess when your the mr Lahey of your park…I have no Hope.

I must confess that I was intrigued by the title of this thread, however our water colour is anything but artistic. I’ve definitely noticed a bit of a tinge to the water lately but fortunately I have a cold and haven’t noticed a smell.  :smile:

boy am i glad i not the only one with that probelm

I thought this thread was about painting :confused:

Rupert has excellant water the trouble is the pipes are getting very very old. 

That describes me very accurately.

must agree- good water here