Wantage road building?

Just wondering what the old building is down wantage road. Looks like it was on fire maybe? Its an old concrete building…inside is a bunch of neat graffiti. I’m new to town and went for a hike up there. Thanks for your help!

It’s known as the dynamite shack. It apparently was used to store munitions there during WWII. Never a fire there to my knowledge, just abnandoned for years and run down.

Back during the 80’s we used to call it the “dynamite shack” and that it was built during the war. That’s all I know.

Lots of impromptu parties there when I was in high school.

Ahhh makes sence!! The artwork in there is pretty neat!! Thanks everyone!!

Here is the artist’s website: katejessup.com/home.html

And some photos from the “opening” in August: flickr.com/photos/coastal_fr … 863405264/

Wow, I never knew that it was like that inside now! I hope that it stays that way and doesn’t get thrashed. Nice!

Unfortunately a lot of it was indeed trashed… :frowning: still very pretty though!

Another shot. A lot of the medium is on the ground. :frowning: