Wally's sad little world

[quote][Wally] Oppal, who lost his seat in the election by just 32 votes, came to Victoria in the morning to clear out his office. Although it was hours before he was officially replaced, he discovered he had already been cast out: His electronic key card had been deprogrammed.

“I would think after four years as attorney-general that some idiot bureaucrat would not revoke my security pass before I cleaned out my office,â€[/quote]

 :-o :cry:
But I wonder what it will mean for FN-Prov gov relations post Mike de Jong. I thought he was gaining some traction there.[/quote]

He was. Gord-o probably said to him “You’re supposed to make it LOOK like you’re listening, not actually listen! Geez, they might think we’re going to make some real progress!”

I wonder if Mr Opal losing will affect the port of Prince Rupert. Delta South is a pretty safe Liberal seat. Maybe was the Liberals insistance of trying to force a port they dont want down their throat.

Well hopefully Abbott will do some good. I don’t want to judge him before he gets the chance to actually implement his own vision for the ministry.

But I saw that the Fed Conservatives are none too happy with Gordo, so I wonder how far and deep the R and R act will go? The feds don’t seem to be interested in being upstaged but, and I could be wrong, BC and Sask. have certain amount of rights that exclude Fed participation in negotiating with aboriginal nations. Hopefully that will be enough to keep Harper et al quiet and let British Columbians work on positive agreements.