It’s amazing to see how Rap, which was originally a style for protest and politico-social statements, has become a place where huge egos is the norm. Not to mention their depiction of women’s role in society. Bunch of pimps!

It’s still around in the form of Underground Hiphop.

YEAH DAWG!!!.. who the hell is this guy anyway?


The guy in the 2 wallpapers is Lloyd Banks… he collaborates with Eminem and 50 Cent a lot.

He’s in g-g-g-g-unit

Damn knee-gaaaaaaa I wish my face was all up in homies faces

Then I’d be cool just like this usher dude

You mean Urshurr :smiley:

Just go an get shot a few time, then you could be like fiddy cent.
detroit wut?!

if you have dual monitors you could have both WALLPAPERS ONE ON EACH!

And if you have 3, you could include another too!