someone has stolen my moms walker from out side our place I know thats a stupid place to have it but it had been there for over a year and one has touched it. it is green and black with a black basket sorry we dony have a picture of it but she really needs it back . so any one please if you see this walker around please message me here thank you

In order to narrow down the search, at which address was the walker initially located?

hope you get it but they may not be making a fast getaway you might be able to catch them  :astonished:

Summerdayz, I do hope you get it back and in good shape.

Just a curious question. you mentioned it had been there for a year. And I’m not condoning theft by any means, but why does she need it back so badly if it’s been sitting there for a year? Not downplaying your loss either, just curious.

One would think that a “walker” would get a bit itchy just standing around and would probably want to take a walk on the wild side

I am guessing that it was only used when the person went out so it was stored just outside the door.

Why anybody would steal a walker is beyond me.  I can understand some criminal behaviour.  Greed or need or revenge or making a statement.  Stealing a walker just seems pointless.

They just steal because they can. Pointless is right and cruel.  The mere fact that they know they have inconvenienced someone is  probably all the “incentive” the losers need.  Just ridiculous  :imp:  Hope you get it back but it has probably been thrown into the bushes or something, sad to say.

Three dots for you:

Well she implied it wasn’t being used, by saying it’s been there for a year LOL.

she used it every time she went out for walks it is not like it was not being used just that it was easy to get at when she walked out the door it was there but yesterday morning she went to go for a walk and it was gone. yes I do hope it comes back in one peice it was taken from Seville Rd.

some idiots dont understand respect and respecting other peoples property  …

theyll get whats comin to them bad karma

yes they sure will, how do I report this to the police ??? prob nothing they can do about it we dont have a picture of it either we did look while we were walking down town but had no luck. I guess if its not tide down or locked up it will be stolen but a walker give me a break you theives for goodness sake that was used for a person to help her get around better now what is she to do ?

Don’t they have some sort of program to get people walkers? I have no idea, I just remember my grandmother getting one.

I don’t know if we still have that program and even when we did have access to it there was a waiting list.  I would try the hospital auxilary ladies or another one of the service groups and see if they can assist you in acquiring a new or used one. Maybe even social services would help  :neutral_face:

Call the RCMP at their non emergency line (it’s in the book) and file a report they’ll help you with the process and maybe even may have found the thing in the middle of the road or something.

Also contact Northern Health and ask to talk to someone in their home support department, they’ll be able to send you in the right direction as far as getting a replacement one, whether through them or through Social services.

You’ll probably have better luck if you have an RCMP file number that lists the item as stolen.

You mentioned that it was taken from the Seville road area, maybe check in the woods across Frederick or up by Hays Cove, you never know where the idiots may have tossed the thing.

Hope you find it, or at least can gain access to a replacement.

thanks for the info we have looked all over even as we walked down town also but I have family and friends living across town also watching out for it its not like all walkers look all the same from what I have seen any way this  was was one of a kind here in PR. We are still on  the look out for it we know what it looks like

Please look at this website (companionwalker.com/) and let me know if yours resembles any one of them.