Wake Up, Ron Burgundy

Hey, anybody see this flick?

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie

It’s the deleted scenes from Anchorman, including an entire dropped subplot, but put together to form an entirely new movie, and it’s just as funny as the original. You need to see the first one first, though.

Heh, the roommates and girlfrienda re watchign anchorman right now. I’ll check this out.

Wow, I just watched Anchorman. What trash. I must remember to avoid any movie made by SNL actors.
Along with any about american high school/college sports teams, gangs, cheerleaders, slashers, by Spike Lee or starring Jennifer Aniston, or remakes of seventies TV shows or movies, or based on comic books, video games or SNL skits.
Shoot! 's That leaves 3 to pick from at Movie Gallery, and one of those I watched on CBC for free back in the 80s…

Watched "Good Bye, Lenin!" a couple days ago. Great flick.