Vote for Mayor

Vote for Gul Dukat for Mayor. For sound fiscal management.

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I don’t know.  I thought Cardasians were only good at enslaving Bajorans.

Commander Seisko for Mayor.  Uh…is Siesko still in command of Tarok Nor?

I would have totally voted for Jadzia Dax, but I question her judgement after the Becker episodes.

He is way too friendly with the Ferengi. Im note sure if he would make a good choice.

Ok, now I won’t be able to drive by one of those signs without thinking that a Cardassian is running for mayor.  Thanks.

Maybe there’s a reason Mussallem didn’t put his photo on his signs?

You know, I could really get behind Garak if he was running for mayor but Dukat? Too much of a freak even for me, sorry to say.