Volunteers needed for last minute gig

Hi Folks,

My wife volunteered for someone else that volunteered and backed out and now she’s ill.

What did she volunteer to do? To take pictures of folks going in the quick climb tomorrow morning. I’d do it but I committed to climbing in the event.

Any shutter bugs able to help out? There’ll be a tent set up so you and your gear will be dry and it should be a bit of fun. My workplace, Shutter Shack, is donating the printing of the shots of participants that will hopefully in turn donate funds to the cause.

If you’re up to the task feel free to email me at zpaperboyz@yahoo.ca or respond here for more details.

We’ll need someone shooting from the start of the event at 8:30 until 11:30. Any takers?


I only have a cheap digital camera so know any photos wouldn’t be the quality expected.  Is there a good camera and tripod available?

Hi folks,
My wife managed to cover part of it then she found another person on site to spot her off.
Thanks to everyone who emailed and responded here. Our community is full of great people willing to lend a hand when needed. You gotta love Rupertites.