Viva la welfare

Three drunks in there early twenties stumbling by on front of my house at noon time heading to there apartment building…viva la welfare .

Maybe the three drunks who are heading to their apartment will have some spam.

and just think Horgan wants to increase welfare payments, guess who would get the increase? the slum landlords or the liqour stores, unfortunately the ones that really need welfare don’t get enough because you can not discriminate against the ones that don’t want to look for a job ever,

The system sucks for those who need it because of disability , and for true emergency reasons , that Horgan and Jennifer Rice seen hell bent on keeping new industrial jobs from comming to BC and, they seem to have no plan or focus .

Welfare used to be for those that needed some quick help due to being short on rent or something because you lost your job or some unexpected expense. It was for those that needed job training and couldn’t wait to get off welfare. It was seen as an embarrassment to be on it. And I didn’t mind paying taxes for it to help those that really needed it as a last resort.

Now it is a career choice, something to laugh about, and something to celebrate. And now I hate paying for it.


There should be drug and alcohol testing before receiving any welfare.


Yeah but thats discriminating lol

Well speaking as a former employer, YOU hire someone stunned enough to think welfare is a choice way to live.
Speaking as a taxpayer, think about it before you repeat that stupid ‘drug test’ meme. You want them to steal even more shit for food and rent?
FFS welfare people spending money has been a bigger boost to the BC economy than all the LNG gum-flapping has.

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Thank you. I’m also tired of listening to that insensitive bullshit.

It has been proven in many US states that drug testing for welfare recipients doesn’t work, is costly and a complete waste of time. Newsflash, DRUGS COST MONEY! If someone on welfare is buying drugs and alcohol and is on welfare, that is pretty well all they are buying. No food, no rent, nothing. Do you know how much someone on welfare makes a month? $610. It may have gone up since I was last on it while I was waiting to get onto disability. But really, you pay fuck all for welfare from your taxes. Someone on welfare can either be a drug addict and live on the streets, or they can eat for a week or so. That’s pretty much it. I am so sick and fucking tired of hearing people bitch and whine about “paying for people to sit on their ass and do drugs while they’re on welfare” Fuck off with that bullshit. Welfare is NOTHING! Even if you have child subsidies. It is NOT enough to live on. Not even fucking close. Pull your heads out of your asses.

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What are you doing home at noon? As a responsible taxpayer shouldn’t you be out there slaving away just so “your” tax-dollars can support all the welfare drunks, slum-lords, and liquor stores?

unfortunately there are ppl that do need it because of losing their jobs, health etc, those are the ones that need more money, but under the law they can not get more then the ones that do not want to work at all

@Netcom61 You should be happy to pay welfare with your taxes. If there were no welfare we would be paying a lot more for the result. Be happy you are living in a country that at least tries to take care of its more vulnerable members.


Standard response:
Your tax money? You don’t have any tax money. It got rendered to Caesar now it’s his. You should be thankful you get to help pick Caesar every 4 years or so.


It is a sad commentary on our society that we value consumerism and wealth above all else. We feel morally justified to spit on someone who is in poverty, is struggling with addiction, and suffering with mental illness. The almighty buck is our God. That’s really messed up.


Soggy… I was being sarcastic… I am on welfare… or rather, disability… I’m perfectly aware that a person on welfare only costs Canada $610 per month, whereas a “productive” worker, with wages, benefits, etc costs Canada in the thousands of dollars… every paycheque, no matter how big or small, employed or unemployed, comes from the same purse - Canada’s. - It’s a privilege to work, not a punishment meted out by society.

Peaking in strictly Darwinian terms and 15 yrs Union rep 20 yrs an employer worth of experience, welfare’s a small price to pay to keep some ‘useless tits’ from screwing the whole workplace. If you’re that offended some people won’t work, you’re welcome to hire them if they’re forced to. Good luck!

As for ppl with disabilities if you won’t make a few adjustments for those who are eager to work in spite of that, you’re a fool.

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