Vista #$#$@% SUCKS

Vista came on my new laptop.  The only thing I can tell thats different is

Its slower then xp
Everything is in a different spot

The only good thing about it is the recovery.

I share your sentiment…

You can change it to windows 3.11 if you wish.

I bet its 32 bit Vista just like on this X2 I bought today. I was trying to burn the recovery DVDs so I could redo it for the next guy and gave up after 2 1/2 hrs (burn error - try a new better brand DVD - Needs a +/- DVD (it freaking was ) -  insert DVD (I did) - Vista will check online for a solution (just fuck off and die and let me USE the thing)

J: Should try 3.11 on an X2… bet it would at least be ffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssttttttt

You know how much i hate it when manufactures put the recovery on the hard drive, its anoying, why can’t they just leave the restore feature on the media, it’s not like the media is expencive, it is shitty to see them use your hard drive space ie 5-10 gigs for recovery. WOW you get a 200gig hdd laptop - the partition amount - the recovery amount then take the % away that is not there. BOO HISS