Vista SP1 won't install on dual-boot systems: Microsoft

With Vista SP1 there are some problems if you’re running a dual boot system.  The article does give a work around near the end to fix this. :imp:

[quote]If you’re dualbooting Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate alongside a Linux distro, and have installed the Linux bootloader into the MBR, then you’re guaranteed to run into problems when installing Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft has admitted.

The service pack has a couple of prerequisite updates and one of them, KB935509, contains an update to the Windows Vista bootloader. However, this bootloader is often replaced by open source bootloaders like Grub when installing Linux onto a system.

Microsoft has excused itself by saying Vista SP1 contains an update to the BitLocker feature, and replacing the bootloader is a necessary prerequisite just in case the system being serviced contains a drive encrypted with BitLocker or worse, an encrypted boot partition.[/quote]

Couple other Vista things:
When you bought that dual-core machine $5 sez the lazy arse OEM didn’t even enable it during boot.
Go to Search, type msconfig and hit [Enter]
In the System Configuration Window, select the Boot tab
Click on Advanced Options
In the BOOT Advanced Options dialog, check the “Number of processors” check box, and choose 2 (or 4 if you have quad core) for the number of processors.
It will make a tiny difference.

Plus, the guy will tell you how it’s “no use installing 4 GB” as Vista can’t read it. That means you got the wrong Vista, 32 bit version even if you have a 64 bit machine. It makes a definite difference.
I don’t gripe about Vista after trying VHP64 on an X2 6000 with 8GB RAM and 1 GB video.