Vista reinstall

Last night I reinstalled Vista over top of the original os to try and repair my problems I didnt format so I figured my old stuff should still be there. By the size of my used amount on my harddrive its still there. But I cant find it when I open c drive    Any ideas please

:angry: i hate vista…
sorry tho, im not too great with technology, can’t help ya
just thought id say…
I HATE VISTA, lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

Slagging Vista is so 2007.
It’s here. It’s queer. Get used to it.
It’s also dropping in price next month. Full version of VHP could drop to $129, in line with OSX

Hey Herbie    So if I reinstalled over top of the first os are all my files still somewhere on the harddrive ???

Yep, but you’ll have to hunt them down.
Make it easy on yourself, copy your Documents, Pics, Music to a “My Stuff” folder on the drive. Then don’t format, when you reinstall Vista.