Vista or Safari?

I was on another forum when I noticed half the last post I made disappeared. When I went to post again I started getting foreign characters, and it once again posted only 1/2 the message…
I also see if I right click the taskbar, look under Toolbars, there’s no Language Bar…
Wah! I want my old laptop back… :angry:

Well, you know my bias, herbie. :smiley: 
I’ll be buying a new computer in the future; it will be a Mac. :sunglasses:
That’s weird that your posts are disappearing.  Did you figure out what is happening with that?

Opened wordpad and the keyboard was fine, so I restarted Safari and everything’s normal again.
Weird. Safari then proceeded to crash 3 or 4 times.
Firefox crashed so often, I stuck with the new Safari all week… both are the latest versions.

Maybe Vista is set-up to run best with IE7?  Weird errors, herbie! :confused:

1 more thing about Safari:
Often when I am on a forum and post a reply more than a couple sentences, it only posts part of it. Cuts off after so many characters.
Noticed on 2 installations on 2 different computers (this Vista and an XP box)

Whoa, that is weird.  I wonder if there is some option that you can set in Safari that limits the number of characters that you can type in a dialog box ( that makes no sense at all).  Maybe that is a bug in Safari you’ve discovered, herbie:-)

I haven’t used windows much lately, but I did try Safari for a bit in Windows.  I didn’t have any problems with it.

I think you should check to see if there’s a newer version – it’s still labeled as “beta” for Windows. 

I’m writing this on Safari in Mac OS X, which is just fine.