Virus Bulletin tests 35 antiviruses, 11 fail, including Symantec

Windowz users check this out. … .html#jump


Thanks for the link, man:-)  It is good to see that AVG is in the pass category, although I’m using AVG free (it probably has the same virus signatures and scan engine).

No Clam for Windows in their list? For shame…

Clamwin doesn’t have an active scanner, which is great for people who know what they’re doing.  It doesn’t slow down the computer and there’s no bullshit.  But you need to actively scan your files or system when you suspect a virus. 

Most people don’t understand what that paragraph actually means, so they wouldn’t know how to actually do it :wink:  That’s why Clamwin isn’t really a good choice for most people.

I used to recommend Clamwin for those 512MB Netbooks. I no longer do. Every single f***ing one came back infected because the users didn’t run it, in spite of being told they had to.
They even click the warning windows out of the way and keep going if they have Active Scanning.
So I use Avast because it pops up a window and YELLS AT YOU too. Most ppl react to that. When there’s a mechanical arm that slaps you in the face with a dead cod as well, I will install that on the rest… :smiley: