"Violent movies not for kids"

This is my first post, though I have been reading HTMF for awhile now.

I want to say “Good Job!” to Darci Holowachuk for his/her letter to the editor published in Tuesday’s Daily News.  I too have seen many young children at R rated movies.  I also know parents who allow their children to view extremely violent, sexual content at home.  Just one example would be letting a 6-year old play an adult rated video game.

As parents we are naive if we believe that these exposures are not negatively affecting these children.  In my opinion it is our job to protect young children from these parts of life.  They’ll get enough of it later!

Welcome to HTMF, viewfromhere:-)  As a parent I agree that it is important to shield my 4 year old from violent or sexual content.

I watched 300, it was a great movie full violence and visual effects. I would not have taken my 6 year old kid to it. But then I’m not going to condone someone else who does, I don’t think it makes them a bad parent, especially when what kids can see  on TV or in a video game is the same thing.  Talk to your child about violence and TV.
I also don’t think there needs to be laws for this type of thing. I found the letter by Darci Holowachuk to be self riotous, trying to impose her beliefs on the rest of us.  Who made this woman a spokes person for all parents? NOT ME, Again she is more then welcome to upchuck her rhetoric,  but I don’t believe this woman went to see the movie, if she did; the scenes she depicted in her letter was far tamer then she lead the reading public to believe.  And the sex scenes between men and men and woman and woman were also greatly exaggerated, Is Darci scared of same sex relationships? 
Talking about violent movies who has seen Grindhouse, looks like a throw back to the 80’s movie scene

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Regarding Astrothug’ comments, I didn’t feel like Darci was imposing his/her beliefs or upchucking rhetoric, I just thought the overall message was important: children should not be watching this type of a movie.  I am also not in favor of “policing” parents in a formal way for this and wouldn’t personally go so far to say that they shouldn’t be parents at all.  All parents make mistakes but if no one speaks up to educate and enlighten us then how will we improve?

TV content is a whole other matter.  There may also be violent and sexual content on TV but that does not mean its okay for kids to watch it here too. 

I don’t remember Darci signing off the letter, “a representative of parents everywhere”, I think it just gave his/her name.

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While I hate to come across as a prude, I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would bring their six and seven year old kids to a movie rated as 18A…

Not to be judgmental, but surely there must be more suitable fare for kids of that age at the video store.

They rate the movies for a reason I suppose, and while they sometimes may make an error or two, for the most part they seem to make the right call. From what I’ve read and seen about 300, it’s not really a movie for the youngest of ones.

If the under ten set are going to see these things, they’ll just have to download them like the rest of society… :unamused:

Not that anyone would condone that kind of thing…

All of what you say makes sense, however; When you talk about how when you went to see this horror/sexual/scary/gore/ movie and then you decided you wouldn’t take your child to it well don’t children learn from example? Don’t young children WANT to be like their parents, so when you go off to see these movies won’t they be interested in them as well? I know that scary movies are scary, and little children become frightened but it’s the whole “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The violence on TV or the Movies won’t make them become violent unless they already ARE violent.


Having seen first hand the reaction my 5 year old son has after watching Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles I tend to believe that young children (and I mean 6 and under) will imitate what they see.  However, after seeing someone decapitated in a movie he likely would not turn around and give that a try.  That kind of violence comes from somewhere other than TV/movie/gaming violence.

When my spouse and I go to a show, I don’t tell them what it is.  They’re too young to care yet.  Someday though, you’re right, I’ll have to deal with the whole “if you can do it, why can’t I”.

I always wondered if my daughter watching “Ghoulies” at four years old was responsible for her later bedwetting…
Daddy! Potty-monsters!!!

So very nice to see that Darcie is not the only one that has noticed how unacceptable it is to have young kids at these R rated movies.  However why does the theatre allow this to happen?  How can this be legal?  I saw that movie and the description in the article of the sences was not exagerated.  But I supose if you let your kids watch movies like the Exorcist or Hostel then ya it was mild.  But then your just sick if you let your kids watch stuff like that.  And it’s not “sheltering them”.  It’s just using common sence as to whats exceptable for a child in grade 1 or 2.  Why can’t kids be kids. 

Agreed.  Very young children should be protected from hardcore violent movies.

Kids should be protected from a whole bunch of things… by their parents.

I think parent have to be parents. We can’t tell them how to raise there children, people have different opinions on what is appropriate for there child, if we start to impose our values on people then we are stepping into big brother territory and I personally don’t want to go there. If we give an inch they’ll take a mile, then we get into the government contolling every aspect of our lives. All we can do is promote good parenting, provide information and let parents make informed decisions if they choose.

What about the parents who aren’t even old enough to be at the R-Rated movie themselves?

I agree.  Parents should have the right and freedom to raise their own children as they think  appropriate.  However, I think most parents would agree on a common base-line for appropriate viewing for their very young children.  For example, I don’t think many parents would feel comfortable letting their very young children watch “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, or hardcore porn.  If you let your child watch very extreme content at a very young age I don’t think you’re doing your job as a parent ( in my humble opinion). 

Had the gf’s 5 yr old grandson for a visit. We went to Movie Gallery and he pointed out all the movies his Mom won’t let him watch. He got my curiosity when Superman was one.
She won’t let him watch because Superman is not real, he can fly. The poor bugger was under the impression ONLY Superman was pretend. Spiderman was real, the superheroes in the crap Tim Allen movie were real. He was shocked when I shattered his world by telling him ALL movies are pretend.
Then I found Yugi-goh or whatever in the bag his Mom sent. She should be shot for letting a kid watch Japanimation.
What’s worse? Poor judgements or poor taste?

Well it seems that not everyone reads the Daily News or visits HTMF!!! I went to see 300 myself last night (very good movie by the way, for mature viewers!!) and another parent/guardian brought a young boy who I would guess to be about 6 or 7 years old.  I chickened out and did not say anything to the man who brought him. 

Its not the kind of movie that would give a kid nightmares, I don’t think, but it was brutally violent.  When I think about what I allow my own 5 year old son to watch, it has a lot to do with whether I think it’ll keep him up at night.