Victor Kumar remembers those heady days on the North Coast

“Prince Rupert, while I was there, was practically broke.” – Former Prince Rupert City Manager Victor Kumar, outlining some of the past highlights of his times for the Rossland Telegraph.

Hey Victor, thanks for the shout out, but you know, we’re still almost broke!

Ah, yes a much discussed name from our Podunkian past has been profiled in a year end article for Rossland Telegraph newspaper, that as he completes his first month on the job as City Manager in Rossland, BC…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 6581212761 )

Rosslands loss is Prince Ruperts gain,
any bets on how lomg he lasts in Rossland before Rossland gets smart and runs him back to Nelson,oh wait, can’t do that because he left Nelson in a mess too,according to my sources it was during Kumars reign of terror there that the municipal workers went on strike for the first time ,EVER 

i will tell you that victor had the right idea we need to
thank him for his service to us.he saved us from spending 20 million
on a mill with no business’s plan that would make sense i arranged
a meeting with Dan v and ray maclean and ray said there was nothing there
so thank you victor for saving us.

And how much money and effort did he waste studying the feasability of installing pelton wheel turbines in the water main from Shawatlans???

Why was city hall staff ready to quit en masse ???
Why did he leave Nelson before his contract was finished???
Why did he leave Rupert before his contract was finished ???
Why did he leave Grand Forks before his contract was finished ???

Looks to me the guy has a hard time hanging on to a job.

And why was the City’s Telephone Company spun off to CityWest to purchase Monarch Cable with less than a full and transparent disclosure of all the facts on what the financial impact would be to the City? MEH Glad to see him gone!.