Vicious windstorm wreaks damage around North coast

Residents of Prince Rupert and many other North coast communities were without power for a good portion of Sunday after a violent windstorm raced across the region, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The storm which arrived on the north coast shortly after midnight, knocked out power at 12:30 taking down power lines, trees, business awnings and in some cases destroying roofs across the city.

The night sky in Rupert was lit up with short bursts of what seemed to be sheet lightning and the scattered bursts of transformers or power lines suffering damages in the flow of the strong winds, featuring hurricane or near hurricane like gusts which at times seemed to come from all directions.

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Thanks for all the terrific pictures, our family has gone away for the weekend and we have been receiving phone calls re: what is happening there. It is nice to know what people are talking about, much appreciated!!