Via Rail

:smiley: I just got off the floor from laughing so hard. The kids catch the train back to Terrace tomorrow down in Vanderhoof. The schedule says 9:55 and she just told me Via said to be there at least an hour early…
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: WTF for? To get through security? Or in case it snows and you have to shovel or piton your way over the snowbank?
The station is long gone they drop you off on the tracks and you hike your way over the snowbank and a couple hundred yards to town.
I swore when we picked them up I’d bring a camera and post pics on “how to stop people from taking the train, so you can say that no one takes the train and cut the budgets”

been there done that! but i had to flag down the train.

Hooterville Junction