Vehicle Break in, need assistance ( REWARD )

Last night 2009/06/21 My vehicle was broken into.

Stolen items were

1 Hatch tactical bag, with odds and ends/small tools.  similar to the one pictured below,  just with out all the clear plastic on it.

1 Tippman A-5 Paintball marker. Like the one pictured below,  just with lots of camo cloth on it. … rodID=3766

3/4 bags of green paintballs with a small bag of bright orange paintballs.

All of this can be replaced and I am just happy no one was hurt or it was not my house.  This happened on the far east side of town. So if any one sees the bag, or the gun.  Maybe sees white or orange paint markings on wall signs etc.  Please let me know.  I am offering a reward to the safe return, No questions asked.

Sorry,  my bad,  far WEST side of town…

damn that sucks! I well keep an eye out for paintball splatter along that side of town. Was anything in the bag or was it empty?

what time did this happen???  We had paintball gear “borrowed” by this kid down our street…but then is was “stolen”

Between 6pm Sunday and 8am Monday.  Did you mean he had it and said it was bowwored,  then the storry changed.  Or he borrowed it and did not return it to the person?

why whould you keep it in a car?

he borrowed it for the day to try it out, said he was considering buying it…came back the next day and said it was stolen…I think he kept it:P

why does it matter still not right to steal it  :unamused:

Soooo…  I got my marker back.  Someone tried to sell it at a local shop and I was notified. No bag yet, but we will see…

How did they get in? Did they break in or just enter? Not that it makes a real difference, it’s still wrong but I am curious. We have a lot of trouble with that in our area lately.