Vandalism in the city

I’m sure somewhere in the archives is this topic, but we’ll start a new one for the week.

Noticed driving by both Petro Can and Data Boy today that the glass door and window suppliers are about to make some more money and insurance premiums are probably going to rise for the merchants too.

The door to Petro Can is boarded up, while the window to Data Boy has also been boarded up and features a message for the neighbours down the block at City Hall.

A very frustrated owner letting the community know that he’s petty tired of the vandalism in town that seems to just keep right rolling along…

Not to mention another fire or two set yesterday. A van was burning beside the digby apartments and they had also set a pile of newspapers on fire in front of the Sherbrooke apartments.

Oh man, that really sucks!  Who would want to hurt the people at Data Boy?  I shop there, they are friendly and helpful!  The vandals are complete idiots! :imp:


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everybody railed on me for saying take matters into your own hands but it looks like shit is getting worse…if you want this to change, beat one of those piece of shit kids with one of their empty 40oz bottles in front of the rest of them or they will never stop doing that shit.  Rob and the crew at Databoy didn’t deserve that and neither did Mark at Loaded or David at Warehaus when he owned it but nobody does anything to stand up for the people that pay the bills of that town.  you let the piece of shit kids whose parents don’t give a damn ruin peoples lively hoods.  it’s not right.  Stand up for your own town and lay some ass whippin’s and if there are cops on here reading this then get off your asses and go do something about it. 

The only thing that vigilante justice will get for you is jail time, rollins.  I agree that this situation is getting bad, but, engaging in a criminal act will not improve matters.

Petro can alone has had a pretty rough month of August for vandalism. The vehicles they usually have parked at the front of the station got bee bee guned, few days later they and also the nursery school a block away got sprayed painted with some lovely and polite words. If you drive by you can see the blobs of white paint to cover up the words before the kids got back to school.

This all happens at around 2-3 in the morning and the kids are no older than 14-15 where the fuck are the parents? AND the cops? they only patrol when something has already happened and after a week of getting bored of cruising around they disapear again.

if you go to any other city, vancouver, kelowna, PG, burnaby…
youll notice something VERY different…

Police patrolling the down town main streets.

when was the last time you seen 2 cops walking around town???

These kids take over our downtown and the cops let it happen.
they turn a blind eye to the fact that after 7pm they make our
down town there home and party place.

i think the city needs to reseach how the Mall got rid of
all those people that “Lived” in the mall all day long and
apply it to our down town.

its way out of hand.

so what is your great suggestion then?  huh?  let me guess, save yourself some typing.

I suggest we beef up police patrols and make the parents accountable

has any of that shit worked?  why do you think nobody will fuck with vehicles or houses that belong to bikers in the city.  one guess dude…that’s right, if you guessed because they will get dealt with for it, you are correct.  nobody gives these fuckers a reason not to do it.  so you can preach your non-vigilante shit all you want, meanwhile it’s 15 hun a pop for the people trying to run a business, for some of those businesses it’s a weeks worth of sales.  you do the math. 

Also what people need to fix is the litering thats goin on in the town. Theres so much garbage everywhere, it doesnt look so bad because it rains all the time and it gets washed down into the woods or in a corner somewhere but it needs to get fixed. Have you noticed how there are no garbage cans anywhere in town. theres like 1 garbage can every 3 streets

I’m always asking myself or my gf where these little bastard’s parents are when they stay out till 1, 2, or 3 in the morning.  I doubt if any of the kids even know, until it’s the last Wednesday of the month anyway.


HI test   are you for real?  What kinda world are you living in?  Look around my friend!!!  Whats happening in this city??  Youth thugs wandering causing damage to the good folk!!
No jury within Prince Rupert would ever convict a normally upstanding citizen of assualting a few youths caught doing damage to a residence or a business.  If I see this happening on the way home those kids are in trouble…by christ let the word out that the citizens have had enough and arent going to stand for it, will shake the little dirt bags up.  They will think twice b4 lifting the can of paint or whatever it is.

two wrongs don’t make a right, and those same bikers you talk about, how many times do they go to jail every year, and really the hard core bikers are all gone we have wana be bikers dudes, who drink java at cowpaccinos after 7 pm. anyways its still wrong to take things into your own hands unless you wana be charged.

If you as the general blogging public are concerned enough to discuss why vandelism is such a huge issue and how we can solve it, perhaps it would be a good to put your opinions to use and help the community out. Michael Curnes of the City of Prince Rupert Rec dept. is looking for people interested in the Citizens on Patrol Group.

I think the most frustrating thing about the vandelism is that we already have enouh run down buildings in this town and the vandals are damaging the successful businesses and honest hard working people which is just wrong and has to be stopped. This city deserves to be so much more and will be if the community kicks in…lack of resources and funding seem to be the issue most time…and will be until this city sees a great increase in economic revenue and…well your time is free, so maybe instead of blogging you could get out there and help make this place a little more safer.

The kids or whoever are commiting the crimes obviously need a good lesson that these kind of acts are completely illegal, unwelcome and they will be punished harshly.

You’d be volunteering very little of your time and in the end we’d all get a better, safer community that we can enjoy with less of these negative acts tarnishing our opinion of PR.

Here’s Michael’s post from last month’s city newsletter:

As each of you can appreciate, the streets and neighbourhoods of Prince Rupert are experiencing activities and signs of activities that compromise the integrity and the feel of safety so valued by residents and so admired by visitors to our community. To involve the community to be responsible for its own safety and well-being, the City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert RCMP are seeking volunteers to reinvigorate the Citizens on Patrol program. The Prince Rupert Citizens on Patrol requires volunteers to keep the program alive.  The program is looking for volunteers that will assist the community by patrolling designated high crime areas to observe and report criminal activity.  This helps keep the community safe by deterring crime.  The patrol does not replace regular police patrols but supports efforts already in place.

To be a member of Citizens on Patrol you must:

Be nineteen years of age or older
Be a resident of Prince Rupert or own/operate a business within Prince Rupert
Be of good character
Pass a security screening required by the RCMP
At one time there were as many as 60 volunteers in our community but we are now in a position where the program may have to be cancelled due to lack of participation from community members. If you are interested in joining Citizens on Patrol please contact the Prince Rupert RCMP at 627-0700 to add your name to the interested volunteer roster.

You are a prime example of wrong with these forums.

heres a “Big Brother” Approach Set up a camera attached to a computer with a HUGE Hard Drive, Second story with a view of the street, Wipe it every few days and only look at the video if anything happens.It seems that stretch of street has a lot of vandalism.

(Waits for the flaming)

I am one of the last remaining tenants at Digby until the end of the month and though I was at work when the van fire started, I can only imagine how bad it could have been should the fire dept. not have arrived in such quick time. I am concerned as to what these assholes will do next and I have to wonder what will happen when these buildings are empty as there will be no measure of security and apparently they will not be starting demo and reno for awhile. Party time!!!  I would also like to question why the Citizens on Patrol volunteers have left this program to the point it may be ditched. I would be a little frightened to be out there now. It is bad enough just walking alone in this town during “regular” hours.  And I will ask the same, obviously redundant question, where are these assholes parents? I hear them out skateboarding around the Towers all hours of the morning and then now, you have to wonder about school if they are out there at 3-4 in the morning. Are they ditching school also? Take roll call, if they still do that, and find out what kids might be consistently absent…Might be a clue, just a thought…

Ah I thought you were going to recommend re-education camps, they’re always popular in your circle of friends… :wink:

we have 5 camera that monitor Fraser street and the back alley, Its got 1 500 gig drive i think and keeps the last 7 days on it, it only goes on when someone walks infront of it, motion censers. little buggers dont care they all wear huddies so you cant see their face… smart kids…they have a camera at the whale statue, too many them you feel you have lost some more of your freedoms… BIG brother is watching you…

too many them you feel you have lost some more of your freedoms… BIG brother is watching you…[/quote]

A small price to pay if it helps clean this town up even a little.  If you’re not doing anything wrong, why worry?