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VANCOUVER (CP) - The Vancouver Canucks have laid off nine employees, becoming the latest Canadian team to reduce its staff in the wake of the NHL season being cancelled because of the labour dispute.

The team has also seen several employees leave for new jobs.

“Our staff has been tremendously loyal and professional throughout this entire process and we hoped to avoid this action,” Stan McCammon, president and chief executive officer with Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment, said Tuesday in a release. “Unfortunately the current environment has forced us to make some difficult decisions.”

The Canucks didn’t give specifics on who had been let go except to say the employees were from a number of different areas within the company.

The Canucks finished last season with 123 full-time employees. That number has now been reduced to 82 due to the layoffs, a voluntary severance in July and attrition.

On Monday John Rocha, a 13-year Canucks employee, was introduced as the new president of the Vancouver Whitecaps of soccer’s A-League.

Other Canucks employees who have left for new jobs include Dave Cannon (business development), T.C. Carling (media relations) and Darren Granger (assistant equipment manager).

Earlier this month, the Calgary Flames gave 10 employees their layoff notices. That reduced the team’s full-time staff to 95 down from 140 prior to the lockout.

The Montreal Canadiens have also laid off an unspecified number of employees. Before the layoffs, the team had lost 30 of its 140 full-time employees through attrition.

Both attrition and layoffs have resulted in the Ottawa Senators seeing their full-time staff drop from 138 at the end of last season to around 100 now.

When the NHL season was cancelled last month the Toronto Maple Leafs said they had no immediate plans for staff layoffs.

All this is…is that this all started way back on September 11, 2001.

The end of the world just begun! People losing there jobs, people getting desperate. What I mean of desperate; with all the cut backs, the world is turning to the dark side.

I have never seen it so bad in certain areas in P.R.
I see people getting desperate by crime, crime, crime.

Fuck man, lots of fights for new years around town.

Expect more of the worst this year. Unless the Libs do something.

So Vancouver to P.R, its all getting bad.

It is true, the world is turning to shit, but it started a long long time ago. With the exponential population growth, things will get worse, much worse. Once oil dries up, the world will finally have to wake up and realize the current way of life is not sustainable. :frowning:

So right, so right.

I wonder how much oil anyways?

30 years worth.

[quote=“Hi Timez”]VANCOUVER (CP) - partial quote of post

On Monday John Rocha, a 13-year Canucks employee, was introduced as the new president of the Vancouver Whitecaps of soccer’s A-League.

On a trivial point of possible interest the John Rocha mentioned in this article is originally from Prince Rupert.[/quote]