Vancouver Canucks

Its been announced that the Canucks are coming to Rupert and Haida Gwaii. Today on the View website Mike Gillis announced who’s coming, and it looks like most of the big boys will be here. There will be a lot of excited kids next month.

that’s wonderful news!! Kids will really be looking forward to that…

I am glad to hear that they are making the trip up here. There are so many fans here and so many of them have never had the oppertunity to even go see a game. Also was a shock to see that the big name players are making it as well.

Have there been any dates set as of yet ? Curious .

September 7 at the Civic centre. September 10 in Masset.

Thank you for that thank you.

They might even be able to beat one of the local teams.

Would this be an intersquad game, exhibition, or versus a local? Any instance would be a great event for any age. I remember watching some Czechoslovak team come and play against the Kings back in '79 or '80.

Holy crap I’m getting old.

The Canucks won’t be on the ice at all … meet and greet only which is still sweet!

I wonder if “Chief Canuck” will make an appearance…I remember he had a great outfit during the “parades” downtown

I’m sure he will be there. Dan Hamhuis was in town a few weeks ago, apparently he was looking for chief Canuck

I’m so going to be a party pooper here. This event isn’t open to the public, at all. There are 75 or so tickets to be won on CFNR, that is it.

hhmmm…how will the Civic Center be able to keep all the riff-raff out if only 75 people are invited?

No idea…

To be correct, there are 75 pairs of tickets for Adults and 50 pairs for kids that CFNR is giving out as they are the sponsors of this event. That puts it at 250 people +. … the-north/

Hope your lucky to win…

You could always crash there Hotel…

There are some mighty happy Canuck fan’s in Rupert today. Wasn’t able to get tickets but was still able to get some pics of the boys. :smile:

from my understanding in Masset it is open to the public, no tickets all are welcome why was this not done hear a lot of kids would have loved to meet them …

Population size is slightly different, don’t you think??

Population size may be completely different in Masset, but CFNR still could have done it differently so it wouldn’t have been so exclusive. I am not impressed at all with the way they organized things. From what I heard, they brought the Canucks here, so that people in northern communities, who might not get the chance to go to a game or meet the Canucks, would have the chance. But by making it so exclusive like they did, most of the people in said northern community still haven’t gotten the chance…

Explain how you would of ran it & with what rules.