Vancouver Canucks New Uniform

The Vancouver Canucks just released their new uniform. I took a screen shot off the noon News.
It’s located here.
What do you think of it?

I rather like the new jersey, even though it isn’t much of a change. I like the incorporation of some of the old logos, but… I don’t like the way the marketing departments of the professional teams feel as though they need to make money by changing the look of the jersey, not to mention the changing of numbers by certain big stars.

Yes, I was watching Global when they did the unveil and Squire Barnes made similar comments. Orca Bays response was basically well we could have changed them last year and then you’d have to get the rebok jersey this year but we didn’t.

The shirts seem a little crowded with everything on them , I wonder if this will give them the right get up and go in the end. Bets are on I am sure . Not too bad for looking at .

Dailysnoozedude,  your photos are awsome. 

Thanks max.
For great local images the camera club has some great shots at

Colours are great, always lliked that blend of blue, green and white.

The unis do look a little cluttered and as though they wanted to try and please everybody by including everything that they could think of. Probably designed by a focus group committee that didn’t want to offend anybody.

In the end However, if the team wins everybody will love them and end up going out an buying one, if the team sucks, well I guesss there will be a lot of 400 dollar uniforms making for kindling…

Sucky thing is… they aren’t shipping until Sept 14 :frowning: 

Hopefully I’ll have mine before their first pre-season game on the 17th :smiley:

I’m about as far from being a Canucks fan as one gets, but I do like the new jerseys/colors.  My only beef with them is the fact that it has “VANCOUVER” emblazened across the chest.  That makes it look like one of those cheap jerseys that you can by in the front section of the Sears Christmas catalog.

Anyone else find that annoying at all? 

if they put more effort in winning games and getting more then a good goalie instead of new jersey’s y’all might have a chance this year…as long as Diamond Dave is still in charge that team will NEVER win shit…bring on the hate

This is me when I saw the new jerseys for the first time:

"YAY they’re blue!

Oh shit… there’s crap on the front!"

I read that they put the VANCOUVER on the front as part of a scheme to sell more as Olympic souvenirs.

Not that I’m a giant Nuck’s fan, but somehow I think they’ll fare better this year than the Cowtown Flames. The only race that Calgary is going to be in this year is the race to the airport to get away from madman Mike Keenan, or the race to the ammo locker to see who can frag the general first! :wink: 

It’s probably so the American fans can have a better chance of figuring out that there are teams that are based above North Dakota…

you could paint a turd pretty colours but it will still be a turd.  :unamused: