Van Sun Opinion Piece of LG Prospects

Interesting reading in the Vancouver Sun … story.html

Who you going to believe?

That hack NDP supporter Vaughn Palmer who has been clearly influenced by Jennifer “I never said I was against LNG” Rice or Christy “Debt-Free” Clark and Rich “100% employment” Coleman.

I am totally all-in with our government. Christy and Rich speak so passionately and positively about our future with LNG, that there is absolutely no need to consider the alternative. And even if it doesn’t happen, what’s the big deal? We are no worse off and we still have a terrific, pro-industry, jobs, jobs, jobs, government running the show.

I say relax.

LOL Vaughn Palmer an NDP supporter plzzzzzzzzz. that piece is actually pretty good it shows the pros and cons of our area and other areas companies are looking at. the ones looking at building in the US are showing how much more expensive it would build here while the supporters of building here show why it makes more sense, and his article actually shows why LNG should be built here, due to the overal temp being colder then the US South. Problem is not one LNG project has announced any commitment yet due to the fact no one has signed contracts with them. out of all the ones announced for this area I would like to see all of them built but reality then strikes me and hopefully at least 3 or 4 will be built.


Look at your choice of words. Vaughn already has you wavering. And you now have me worried.

“cons of our area” What cons? Christy and Rich see no cons.
“problem…” There will be no problems with the Liberals in control.
“no contracts have been signed” They will get done. Asia needs our resources at any price. Right?
“then reality strikes” That’s not Christy and Rich’s reality.
“hopefully …” Hopefully? Done deal.
“at least 3 or 4” Rich says all 13.

Don’t let let the anti-Liberal rhetoric of Vaughn Palmer drag you down.