Used a bear banger today

Those things make a whole bunch of noise!

Poor guy.

Ain’t king of the forest anymore.


That worked:)

Sounds like a fusion food I’d cook up.
Bear bangers ‘n’ beans. Bubble & squeak skunk cabbage served with grouse cockaleekee soup.

Where do you get those but more importantly. those are legal for residential use?

It is a good policy to make sure the bear bangers explode between you and the bear. Not really a problem in this circumstance, as it seems Mig and family are1 foot away from safety, but I thought it should be mentioned because it could be a deadly move in many/most other circumstances. It is also suggested to practice firing the bear bangers before relying on them for this reason.

That is not a bird feeder I see, is it Mig?

I was in the car port, at the top of the stairs. Wife was at front door. Both within door-slamming distance from the bear. We had called the Conservation people, and they told us it would be a while before they could get to us, and to go ahead and try a bear banger or two to see if it worked. It didn’t – they’ve had a live trap set up there since then.

The bear banger was a 12-gauge version – fired from my shotgun. We tested it a few times, including at the Rupert shooting range.

My main concern when shooting it at the bear was to keep it away from glass. I’ve broken a window already shooting the little hand-held bear banger, so I didn’t want to think about what the bigger 12-gauge version would do to a house window or car :smile:

It was next to impossible to place it between me and the bear without hitting my wife’s car. And having a bear charge me or having my wife charge me, I made up my mind :smile:

Anyway, I had two bear bangers in the tube, followed by 2 slugs, and then 2 buckshot shells :smile: Just in case. Didn’t get to use them.

Also, I think that is a bird feeder. Don’t ask me where it came from.

Sporting goods store. You can get the little hand-held ones, or the 12-gauge ones. see: 12 Gauge Bear Banger

Cool first person video. Think the shotgun cam could hold up to some buckshot rounds? I have the bangers which use the little launchers and have used 12 gauge bangers for birds but have never seen 12 gauge BB in action, thanks.

It is amazing how fast the bear responded to the BB shot. It was already headed in the opposite direction before the banger exploded. It almost seems like the bear glanced over at the shooter after it fired and its head followed the banger as it whistled by. Interesting stuff, thanks for the videos and detail. A reminder one has to be bear aware even when walking out their front door.