USA, Michael Moore, and the media

Is Moore a trouble maker or is he pointing fingers at some sort of trouble??? This country needs more people with differing views then the “stories” you all get from the news…

Who owns the news and all media???

Sound like a conspirecy???

Who’s oppinions become the “FACTS”???

If we don’t pick the right president “?someone?” will pick BUSH for us…

Bush speaks ONLY from a little screen and not from his heart… Someone else is behind those words and Jorge is just a puppet with the right bloodline… Go check it out and prove me wrong…

I looked for years and only found more and more incriminating information that proves there are more powers at play in this country then our “VOTE”.

Seems our vote is just to make us think we are right there close to the top when we couldn’t be further from the truth then we actually are, at the bottom being treated like dirt…

Are you a patriot and get easily angered by the ones that speak up to THE athourity??? Do you feel people only “cause trouble” when they point a finger at the good old US of A.

What does it mean to be civilized anyways??? Looks like crude barbaric power struggles to me… Tyranny in the form of CAPATALISM, protect the thives with “big guns” is what it all boils down to… believe in the thing that destroys anything in it’s path and calls it GODS divine plan…Belive you are full of guilt and have NO power then settle with survival, that’s how it is done… WAR in the mind…

Nah, not a patriot. Maybe in Football but, the United States are located South of the border because that is where all of our shit goes, from our sewers.
And it’s for a reason.

They treat (US Gov) everyone like shit, so they might as well smell like what they dish out. :open_mouth:

Well I can see by what I just read Mr. Moore sure does not have to worry about you. He is not a trouble maker and I most certainly do not think that it should be Michael Moore and me as you put it. He Mr. Moore has just brought much of the issues to light and he calls Bush and people like Condomeater Rice on things. One again I see the word Bush being used in and out of your writing and yes Bush is the biggest threat to the world as we now know it.

[size=24]Condomeater Rice[/size]

She is the Anti-Christ.
I was watching CBC Venture one night, and she was the Mastermind behind of Mr. Bush’s speeches. Also, Mr. Moore did tough on that issue too.


I know that people were trusting thier government when it rolled over the natives and said the natives were terrorists back in the day. Should we trust that same system now that we are in it??? We are the children, the outcome. We had to adapt and become. Our Native culture that is. Do we believe “the truth” about today’s matters. Did the gov. down some eternal truth potion that keeps them true or did we down some sort of BS that keeps us down…:grr

Michael Moore is really pushing his overrated status as being a “brave documentary maker that described the truth of Bush and the administration”. He stinks now because he’s just coming up with garbage.

For every half-truth he says, the Bush admin has 10 full blown lies!


For every half-truth he says, the Bush admin has 10 full blown lies![/quote]

Maybe so, but that doesn’t justify what Moore does. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I thought it was in especially bad taste the way he ambushed Dick Clark in Bowling for Columbine. If he was truly interested in getting the truth from him, he should have gone about it more professionally. It just made him look like a cheap hack.

If you want proof of how to make your case that someone’s trying to dodge the truth, look no further than how Morgan Spurlock handled McDonalds’ PR slithering in Super Size Me. He actually went through proper channels trying to get an interview. After all, that’s what PR firms are for. The fact that he was polite, professional, and persistent speaks far more than a sleazy ambush in a parking lot, badgering someone for an interview they could not possibly have been prepared for.l

[quote=“Stardog Champion”]

For every half-truth he says, the Bush admin has 10 full blown lies!

Maybe so, but that doesn’t justify what Moore does. Two wrongs don’t make a right.[/quote]

Moore is just like a Britney Spears now, just pushing his fame to look good and earn more money and fame. He wasn’t good at making “Fahrenheit 9/11” and he wouldn’t be good on this bowling for columbine feature.

The power players of the world use countries like chess pieces and patriotism is the split between black and white…
Only “they” play both sides…All sides…

Words, have you ever made more than ten bucks an hour? Have you experimented much with drugs, specifically hallucinogens? Any plans for the future? Just curious.