US Election Day

Just in time to count the votes you can check out a documentary from HBO about the less than reliable nature of the voting machines in the USA, machines that count something like 87% of the votes in American elections. … +Democracy

Makes you think that’s for certain, will be a holy grail for the conspiracy types.

But it does offer up some important questions that the makers of the machines should be accountable for.

Technology is nice, but sheesh, pen and paper and a single X, sometimes the simplest thing is the easiest thing eh!

Well it looks to me that Laura Bush ain’t getting none tonight , I heard that George W. is out on the lawn with his naked body and saying " Jesus please take me now " and Dick is waiting at the back door hold George’s  clothes .

Good news for America. Perhaps now President Bush will be encouraged to get rid of Rumsfeld and some progress will be made in Iraq. :smiley:

The ATM at the TD bank is made by Diebold. I’m afraid to use it.

LOL. I’m glad I use the ATM at the CIBC. :smiley:

Please… they knew it was coming

Your wish is their command!!!

Rumsfeld has left the building and George W. left the Gate open .

I know it’s just an urban myth but this reminded me of the pencil vs space pen story:
But in this case, the space pen technology prevails!

Yeah I just read that this a.m.  Heh-heh, don’t let the gate hit you in the ass on the way out Rummy.  Great news for the troops.  :smiley:
Hopefully the new guy knows what to do.

The Democrats win the Senate!!! :smiley:

Force quit

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Heh-heh, good one:-)

Adding to the conspiracy, the movie vanishes …