Unwelcome tourists

The CBC have a story about the return of Norway rats to the city…


cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … -rats.html

I guess we had better consult with Paul Watson before we do anything though…

If I see one… I’m moving.

well, I am glad that I am moving back with my two cats,  they used to hunt any “Huntsman” Spiders 

taos-telecommunity.org/EPOW/EPOW … .htm 

when they got into the house.

Maybe it might be easier for me to find someone to watch them while I am house hunting.

My last place had rats.  I think they came from the empty house next door.  I killed 4 or 5 and then couldn’t take it anymore, they just kept coming.  We moved.

Before we moved, they got into EVERYTHING.  Almost every night you could hear them walking across the dishes in the drying rack.  Every morning I would get up, rewash the dishes and bleach all the counters.  We kept all the food we had on high shelves and locked the cupboard doors, but they still poked around every night.

The disturbing thing was that the place wasn’t a dump.  It was just an ordinary basement suite and my dog and the three yappy things upstairs didn’t even scare them off.

NEVER AGAIN!!! :angry: