Unreal Tournament 3 - Screenshots

Just installed it. Got to say: Wow. Just, wow. So many incredible advances from Ut2004. HDR lighting has made the biggest impact, overall.

I took some time earlier to stitch together a bunch of screenshots, in two separate jpg’s.

The originals were 1280x1024 (Running on an NVIDIA 7800GTX graphics card, almost 4GB ram and dual core AMD Athlon Processor, for those interested…) but I scaled them down to a width of 800px, for easier viewing.


Anyhow, rather than put the images in here (it’d take a while to load, trust me) I’ll just link to them.

Hope the gamers out there enjoy! Highly recommended game, so far! (Albeit I miss the Invasion game type)


*Please make sure you don’t have browser resize on, and if you do, to view these at “full size”. Cheers, mates!

Happy gaming… :smile:

I loved playing unreal, was lots of fun… those images look great, gaming sure has come along way since pac-man…LOL

Yea. Am so used to Ut2004. The transition, for those used to it, as well, is simple for Ut3. Same wicked-fast game play. I love the sense of continuity throughout the last two installments.

New in this, which I kind of like, is different types of armor. In Ut2004, you essentially had two shields: One for 50, one for 100. Ut3 has special boot armor, leg armor, body, helmet, et cetera. Kind of cool. :smile:

And the maps are wholly immersive. Really. Everything’s so crisp, smooth (graphics), so much is animated now: it’s insane.  Anyhow, thanks for commenting! :smile:

Do they still have guns that shoot green jello?

I played the original UT for awhile and liked it a lot.  Then I tried UT 2004 and didn’t like it.  I think my computer wasn’t fast enough at that time to handle the speed of the play so it really felt like the game was too fast for me ( not too mention that I wasn’t an elite fps player).  The screenshots look awesome but why does everything has to be so dark in that game?

Ah. Good question. I think it’s just the nature of many of the maps I’ve played, so far. There are many bright, well-lit ones. hehe. Many above are, indeed, dark.

Mm yes. The loathed, but consistent ‘Bio Rifle’. lol

Amazing screens. Makes me want to upgrade my video card. Oddly enough I own a fairly game worthy system already, a hacked 360, hacked PSP and a PS3 and recently sold my Wii. All I have really played in the last month is SNES emulated Aerobiz on the PSP, which is a strange one to be addicted to.