Unlimited Data plan with CityWest

I just noticed CityWest is doing unlimited data plans on their phones now. Only $30/month pretty decent.
citywest.ca/promotions/unlim … ugust_31st

Decent indeed! :sunglasses:

Decent huh? Only twice as expensive as Telus’ $15 unlimited plan.

Is it soooo good that they want you to sign a contract?

I love that these companies don’t want to compete with each other anymore.  Their business model is to try everything to get you to sign a contract instead.

Sure $30/month for unlimited data, but how much do those bytes cost if you use your phone as modem?  And what happens if halfway through your contract the competition offers $10/month for unlimited data, will the awesome company allow you to leave?  nope, you signed a contract.

Citywest is no different than Rogers, Telus, or Bell.  Except they look you straight in the eye while they try to lock you into a contract they know sucks.


Yep.  They want me to sign a contract…haven’t done it yet.  I guess my main concern is connectivity. 
I’ve heard from several people now that the Rogers network has some dead spots, dropped calls.  Is this accurate from the perspective of people on the Rogers network using PAYG?

All phones have the same coverage as far as I know. If you have the Rogers signal going to your phone, then it’s the same signal, contract or none.


also depends on the phone you have, the two phones I have the HTC touch is unlimited at $10.00 and the HTC 6800 is unlimited at 30.00, the phones are almost the same, no keyboard on the Touch or Wireless but at 10.00 a month no big deal…

I was paying 25.00 a month then citywest phoned me and asked me if I wanted the unlimitted for 30.00 a month I said yes… I didn’t sign… :smiley:

Not exactly.  Rogers as far as I know has only two cell towers here in town…so maybe there’s less coverage on the Rogers network…I’m getting mixed reviews about this.
CityWest has more coverage I think here in town.

Yes, the Rogers network has dead spots.  So does the Citywest network.

Does your phone work at Oliver Lake or the gun club?  My Citywest one doesn’t, my Rogers one does.  I can drive from Rupert to Port Edward and carry on a conversation on my Rogers phone, and it doesn’t drop.  But the Citywest one drops at several spots.

So you can’t just go monthly with Citywest?

Actually 4 tours so far, and I think the plan is 7 or something.

Nope.  They do want a contract to be signed if I’m getting a new phone.  I will ask them about PAYG or monthly (don’t think they’ll go for that).  Thanks for the feedback about the dead spots in the CityWest network…didn’t know that:-)

Um wierd My phones work all the way to Kloya Bay I have never had a dead spot even at gun club or oliver lake…weird…

Same here, I get great coverage with citywest. If I’m in the right spot, I can even get coverage at Rainbow lake.

Whoa…thanks for the heads-up about this.  Just had a look at citywest’s page about using a phone as modem…$15/MB.  Does this mean you would be charged this rate every time you did text, e-mail, web surfing?  I’m a little fuzzy about this.

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