Unknown software downloading

Hi guys I need a program that tells me what is connecting to the internet, I had a program a couple of years ago on my server, that showed all the connections, with Ip’s and bandwith being used, I have du meter but i need something abit more then that, I have noticed that my one computer is downloading at 215 KBS but im not running any software, so I want to see what it is thats connecting to the internet on my comp…THANKS

Is this windows?

Try “netstat” on the command line.

Lots of options too, “netstat -?” to get them.

I tried doing that, and it opens up the netstat window, but then it disappears right away.  I tried to open it again, and it wouldn’t show up at all.

What gives?

open the CLI and then do netstat…

click start / run
type ‘cmd’ and press enter

then do the netstat thing.

oh yeeeeeeeah… that worked much better :smiley:  Now what does everything mean?

Forgive me… I’m blonde. 

It’s basically telling you all the network activity.  Sort of like the conversations going on right now, from source to destination, etc.

So if I was downloading something, through a multi-source client, each person’s connection would show up right?  There’s a whole lot of connections on there.