United North America?

Herbie,  I’m French Canadian and I liked your joke about the banned substances found in Lance Armstrong’s hotel room.  I also like this quote from you:

I took three cereal boxes to translate that! And a coupon…[/quote]

Tell us more about united north america.

Actually ran across that site thru htmf years ago.
The originator proposes that Canada should join the USA. Reasons are mainly economic, that we’re really the same country with only a slightly different culture and history, and the odd notion that many Canadians desire to be ‘powerful’ like the USA.
The reality of Gee Dubya and the theocrats leaves few supporters. Many American posters are against it because 30,000,000 ‘leftists’ would mean the end of that.
What I have found talking on the site is that Canadians and Americans are really different in the way we think: example = “DEMOCRACY”.
Canadians are more inclusive. We want our EI insurqable hours earned in Quebec to be valid in BC, our BC Med to be valid in Ontario. If two gays can marry in Victoria, they should be able to in Halifax as well.
Americans like to break things into states and counties as “rights”. If they want to hang potsmokers in Georgia, that’s ok as long as 50% +1 voted for it. If Cornhole Iowa wants to ban renting motel rooms to same-sex partners, that’s fine as long as 4 of the 7 residents voted for it.
And they’re brainwashed as hell. We don’t get to pick our own doctors in Canada. We steal Alberta’s oil for Ontarians. We make you join unions, etc.
Best of all is a couple Quebec seperatists who are supporters. Their rants are so dogmatic it reminds me of a brainwashed John Candy on that bridge between the Yanks and the Commies (Volunteers)

Very interesting.  Maybe I should join too  to add variety to my internet hours.  I’ll check it out.

Go post something at area250.com, i was sick of the spammers and hackers and tore down the phpBB about 9 months ago and decided to try smf (and then fogot all about it).  It’s had like zero hits yet. Hoped to make a place to discuss gripes and improvements for the rest of BC Beyond Hope.

I’ve lost all energy to promote it…