Unexplained Noise in Terrace

CFTK just ran the story that this morning a loud, mysterious noise was heard, like a weird wind, or a train on a curve. There is a video on Youtube. Reports of similar noises have come from all over the world in months past. The best explanation I can find is the Alaska based HAARP.

That is odd, and creepy. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. :smile:

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Sounds like the train’s parking brakes was left on…

It was the Horn of Gondor…


If you can’t explain it, it’s either Aliens or some conspiracy theory by default.

Or you know, could be a train with a stuck wheel.

This my favorite:

“The trumpets shal sound, and the dead shal be raised and the living will be transformed. Corinthians 15:52”

Its definitely a weird noise, I thought it might be a train too, but the sound is coming from the sky. My Dad lives near the tracks and I grew up there and visit often and I hear the trains all the time and have never heard anything like that before. This weird noise has been heard all over the world.

The only reasonable explanation then is that it is a flying train that has a wheel issue…

Astrotrain from the Transformers.



cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c … ounds.html

My granddaughter moving her chairs around. Just wait until she’s pissed at her brother, then you’ll hear noise to complain about!